1. How much money do I need to bring?

It depends on which country you are moving to. You would definitely need to bring more if you get a job in Norway compared to Poland. You need money for food and fun the first month. You also should budget enough money to put a deposit for a room or a flat. 

We always recommend you invest minimum in the beginning by living in a shared flat city center or close to work.

Suggested amount:

Norway: 5000€ /5,790 USD

Poland : 900 €/ 1,040 USD


2. How to find accommodation?

Usually the company offers a relocation package to help you with flight tickets and a place to stay in the beginning. This varies with the job and employer based on what they offer. The company and your future colleagues are always happy to guide you on where others finds a place to live.

Not all companies offer help to relocation. With some jobs you may need to pay for everything yourself.


Useful tips for finding a place to live


  1. Local Facebook groups are seen to be the most successful way to finding an apartment.
  2. Look up local expat and accommodations groups and post your request.
  3. Google local housing websites from the country you are moving to.


4. How much is the rent?

The rent rate depends upon the countries financial state. This means the rent you will pay is equal to what the locals pay. 

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5. How is the salary?

The salary depends on the job, the country and the company. Find Job Abroad neither decides or has an influence on the salary. What is often the case is the salary is attractive in relation to that countries GDP. This means the salary will usually be high enough for you to live comfortably financially.

The salary is visible on each job posting on this website. 


6. What legal documents and insurance do I need?

Passport to register the public system. 


7. What are the price differences between countries

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8. What will happen if I get fired?

We will assist you in finding another job in the same country at first, and then look at other jobs that fit you and your competencies. We will always work towards getting you a Job Abroad.

9. Have more questions?

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