Specialist in Customer Insights (Freelance)

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  • Jan 10, 2019
Freelance Work from home

Job Description

Analyze video material of customer behavior from all around the world, in order for us to help companies gain better customer insights and accelerate innovation.

Join the Tribe and become a Freelance Specialist. Welcome the gig-economy, where you have the freedom to choose what tasks you want to work on. Live a life of total freedom by freelancing for us as an anthropologist, UX researcher, Service Designer, Communication specialist or similar field of expertise and work from wherever you want while still being rewarded for all the tasks you do.

What does the work consist of?

At UserTribe we recruit real, live user participants from specific target markets, all around the globe in order to let the testers share their opinions and stories to help companies gain more customer knowledge and improve their performance. Your role lies in analyzing these customer insights in relation to their understanding of the world and cultural environment to help enlighten companies.

You will help bring these customer insights to light by assisting us in our research studies as a key player and responsible for the data analysing part. You will receiving a data set of 5-10 videos of testers interacting with a website, an app, a marketing campaign, textual stimuli or similar and screen and analyse them. You will derive findings from each individual video in order to create a report of the collected findings. The report will consists of quotes, learnings and tagged video times where highlighted findings are derived from. Even though deadlines may vary you will most often have 2 days to deliver the report from start to finish.  

How will the job be?

The work will be challenging but fun! You will get a chance to become familiar with insights from all around the world and therefore be exposed to many cultures and understandings of the world. It is a great opportunity to either use your already expert analytical skills or to develop them further and at the same time create a bridge into the commercial world while still earning money.

Will I work alone?

You will be working alone and do the report all by yourself, however, in case you need it, we have a strong support team ready to help you if you have any challenges or questions in regards to the research study and focus you might need to have.

What qualifications do I need?

You will need to have experience with qualitative research methods and preferably within anthropology, UX research, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), behavioral analysis or related fields. Most importantly you have strong analytical skills and an ability to overview and condense data material into clear, precise and professional reports. You also need to have an urgency to meet deadlines in order to ensure that deliveries are met on time.

You can come from all the places in the world, but you will need to be fluent in English in order to communicate with our specialist department. However, all additional languages are a big plus as many of the test videos will be in the testers’ native language which is everything from Swedish to Chinese therefore all nationalities are well met and appreciated.

How do I get paid?

All our Specialists are well rewarded for their work and are paid per research study. The base salary will vary depending on the research study as they differ in number of testers, difficulty, and deadline time.

Your pay is also dependent on the quality of the report you deliver. After each completed project, we assess the quality of your report, and apply a multiplier to your base salary corresponding to the quality you have delivered. After doing so we transfer the money to your bank account. If you think that we pay suspiciously well, it is most likely because you have delivered a report of very high quality.

We hope that you are interested and wish to help us on our mission to help companies bring customer-centricity into the heart of decision-making. Do what you love – be real, do good!