UX Recruiter (Freelance)

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  • Jan 10, 2019
Freelance Work from home

Job Description

UX Recruiters - find the perfect test person in a specific market and help engage them in order for us to help companies gain better customer insights and accelerate innovation.   

Join the Tribe and become a Freelance UX Recruiter. Welcome the gig-economy, where you have the freedom to choose what tasks you want to work on. Live a life of total freedom by freelancing for us and work from wherever you want while still being rewarded for all the tasks you do.

What does the work consist of?

At UserTribe we recruit real, live user participants from specific target markets, all around the globe in order to let the testers share their opinions and stories to help companies gain more customer knowledge and improve their performance. Your role lies right in the first step of our journey of finding those perfect test persons for each research study.

Your task will not only be of targeting and finding the perfect testers but also activating them and engaging the testers so that we can deliver high quality insights and help companies innovate. You need to be able to find testers within a specific target group in any market around the world and lead them through the process of completing a successful research study.

How will I find the testers?

You will use different platforms such as Social Media, moderated sessions, phone calls etc. As more you will also become familiar with other tools and platforms that we use in UserTribe order to recruit the testers. You might sometimes also be able to use your own network or maybe you have a complete new idea or method that we can use.

Will I work alone?

No, you will be working closely with a team on each project in order to be able to deliver accurate and quick results. You will always be able to contact your assigned team if you have any questions or encounter any challenges in your work.

What qualifications do I need?

You will need to have some experience within UX recruitment or something similar. Since you will be working in a team you will need to be fluent in English and all additional languages are a big plus. Furthermore great communication skills are key as you need to know how to efficiently communicate with the testers as well as your team. You also need to have an urgency to meet deadlines, in order to do so multitasking is often inevitable.    

How do I get paid?

The payment varies depending on the research study. Sometimes we reward you for the hours you work on the project, or it will be project based, or on the number of testers you find, or maybe in a fourth way. Similar for them all is that the money will be transferred to your account after each completed project.  

We hope that you are interested and wish to help us on our mission to help companies bring customer-centricity into the heart of decision-making. Do what you love – be real, do good!