Frontend Engineer - Vue.js

  • Hypefactors
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Oct 12, 2019
Full-time Frontend developer

Job Description

Our application is a web-oriented SaaS platform, built for serving clients all over the globe. It comprises of several parts: backend, frontend, mobile and enterprise integrations. Our backend is load-balanced and designed for scalability and reliability. Our frontend is a modern SPA, geo-distributed and UX-focussed. Our mobile apps run with native speed and are easily installable from app stores. We regularly reuse, adjust and invent web architectures, incorporating cutting edge technologies like event server pushing, serverless functions, hybrid SQL/No-SQL datalakes and distributed processing to get the job done. Our team members are community role models for the respectively used frameworks.

So summarised: we love great tech :)

You’re a kick-ass engineer who sets the standard of doing the job. The team is small knitted, consisting of four people, each an expert in their own way. You report to the CTO on the work progress and coordinate daily with the web team lead. You’ll also work closely with product designers to have their work matched up with technical solutions. Occasionally you’ll participate with customer success managers and their clients to address the needs of key enterprise accounts.

Your Responsibilities

  • Participate in early phases of product design & development

  • Plan and estimate frontend functionality

  • Hands-on development of advanced enterprise-grade SPAs with Vue.js

Your Qualifications

  • You're an expert in Vue.js

  • You grok reactivity principles

  • You grok responsive design and solutions

  • You grok object-orientation concepts & abstractions with JavaScript

  • You grok functional programming concepts with JavaScript

  • You grok concepts from newer ECMAScript specifications: ES6, ES7, ES8

  • You grok CSS preprocessors, i.e. SASS

  • You grok modern front-end build pipelines and tools (i.e. Lerna, Yarn, Webpack)

  • You grok quality assurance principles (e.g. linting, unit testing, end-to-end testing, non-functional requirements assurance) and the use of continuous integration concepts (test automation)

  • You grok technical planning and effort estimation

Your Application

Please address and tailor your resume to Dr. Viet Yen Nguyen, CTO. Our hiring process generally proceeds in three phases: orientation-phase with at least two interviews, followed by a testing-phase with a coding, aptitude and personality tests and concluded by an offer-phase with an overall evaluation.

Start date: December 2019 or January 2020

IMPORTANT: please include the SHA1 hash of the string "Evan" in the short message. Our system prefilters applications that include the correct SHA1 hash.