Technical Co-Founder

  • Whyser
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Aug 16, 2019
Full-stack developer

Job Description

We believe that the world would be a better place, if people spent most of their waking time doing something fulfilling.

What we offer 

As CTO you will have the chance to become a part of the founding team. You will lead the development of the Whyser web application in collaboration with our freelance developer. So you must be willing to write some code yourself in the beginning.You will be a part of idea creation process, taking Whyser off the ground together with us. We almost finished building our first MVP, but we still need to work on our technical setup and we welcome changes and input. You will get the unique opportunity to set your fingerprint on the solution and the business.      We like a casual, fun work environment and grabbing a beer to kick back at the end of the week. We have an open communication working actively with feedback, as we always want to learn and improve ourselves. We can contribute with knowledge about strategy, management, running a business and developing business solutions. 


About you

  • You should have the desire to be a part of creating a business
Be willing to take a leading role and spend time crunching code You need to be a problem solver and see challenges as something positive Believe that it should be fun to work Management experience is an advantage, but not a must Have an interest in gamification Insights to machine learning is an advantage

We are imagining different solutions for compensation and the solution depends what you can bring to the table.

As this is a key role the personal match between you and us is the most important aspect. We believe many things can be learned, so if you are not sure about the technical match, but see a match in our vision and business profile and still is interested, please give us a call. 


The business

Whyser is a SaaS platform for business'  founded in 2018 and owned solely by the two co-founders. We took the plunge this year and went full-time, although we begun the development of the web application already last year - so we have an MVP version 0.5.  Currently we are building, designing and improving the platform, but Whyser still needs some love before it is ready for our customers.

We have received interest from potential customers, we almost have a MVP and we are in the process of looking for funding. This is where you come in and can make an impact.


Technical setup

  • PHP7 (using cakePHP moving to Laraval at the moment)
  • Javascript libraries (jquery, jquery ui)
  • Javascript framework (bootstrap)
  • MySQL
  • Github
  • Hosted at AWS


Work place; Copenhagen or remote.

Application: via The Hub.

Questions: Don't hesitate to call our CEO, Kristina at +45 23277494