Kaffe Bueno

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Kaffe Bueno Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
We are currently developing Scandinavia 1st Coffee Biorefinery, and the most sustainable in the world. We are currently testing new extraction methods and developing new products from coffee waste.  The internship it will consist mostly developing and researching theoretically with current literature, assistance on grant writing, process optimization and doing small lab scale experiments. We are looking for someone who sees the same potential on bioeconomy but most importantly who shares the same values and vision for a more sustainable and equal world not only here in Denmark but in coffee producing countries. The internship we will very fast pace and moving, you'll activities not will be limited by this but you're creative and innovative thinking is a must. We need someone that can put different hats and handle varied tasks simultaneously. If interested in making part of this pioneer project in the coffee industry, helping us redistrubute wealth along coffee value chain and making your favorite drink more sustainable through this unique and innovative valorization approach don't hesitate to get in touch!