• Copenhagen, Denmark
AlphaWorld Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
Your role You will work closely together with AlphaWorld’s business development founder. Together we will form the company’s growth team where you will be in charge of tech development. You will be responsible for programming the front- and backend of AlphaWorld’s web application. If you do not have the necessary backend knowledge we will spend the first couple of months getting you up to speed. In the beginning, you will mainly be doing integrations through APIs as well as develop an internal data analysis dashboard. As the co-founder position is unpaid it is alright if you need to have a paid job on the side or take occasional freelance jobs. However, you need to be able to put in at least 20 hours per week from the beginning. When AlphaWorld is able to cover your living costs it is expected that you can commit full time. Abilities and Skills A couple of years of programming experience Experienced with React Knowledge of MongoDB and Node.js Experience working with APIs Willingness to become a full-stack developer A team player You can communicate what you do Genuine interest in gaming AlphaWorld offers A place to develop your skills 50/50 ownership of the company A great place to develop an entrepreneurial mindset An opportunity to lead a tech team in the future A lot of fun in an informal team Roadmap for the position We work together for one month to see if we can create magic. If both of us are happy we sign a co-founding agreement and start our journey towards the gaming stars. Application deadline I will invite qualified candidates for a cup of coffee and an informal talk on a running basis. Send your information my way asap if you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to create gaming greatness. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at About AlphaWorld and its founder My name is Anders and I am the founder of AlphaWorld. For the past three years, I have both started my own company and worked with some of the best and most experienced entrepreneurs in the Nordics. I have a masters degree in economics and my main skills are in business development and strategy. I love working with data and analyzing it to make informed decisions regarding marketing and product development. Since as far back as I can remember I have played video games. I am a big fan of multiplayer gaming - especially when competition is involved. That is why I decided to found AlphaWorld. With a vision to connect gamers to the best competitive gaming entertainment available. To inspire the esport generation to come. To make sure that epic plays made by esport legends are talked about and remembered for all eternity.