• Copenhagen, Denmark
BlueBenu Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
Our business team is working to scale up and spread our values out in the world in order to reach and impact in society. Would you like to be the responsible for helping us to identify potential market opportunities? If you want to work with sustainability, new solutions to waste management and social impact while doing what you love regarding market analysis, this is the place for you! Your tasks are related to mapping our market and help us identify market trends and monitor competitors. You will work directly with our project management team in strengthening our business cases. -What you can expect: A 3-month internship (that can be extended up to 6 months), with 15 hours a week that can be remote  A weekly meeting with the business team A skill development program focused on Market Analysis  A recommendation letter -What do we expect: To design and carrying out social, economic, and marketing surveys, as well as demographic studies, to define target markets and their habits  Researching and gathering business data for the Business Managers to review. Determine existing and future trends. Conducting comparative research on marketing strategies. Reviewing marketing initiatives to provide advice on procedures and requirements. Preparing reports on market trends, consumer habits, and outcomes. A proactive person that doesn´t need to be micromanaged We are very passionate about our work and we will do our best to also inspire you!