• 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Startak 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
You will be part of a small team of engineers and electronic geeks, hands down to electronic hardware. You and the team have responsibility for taking features all the way from the initial inception, through research, design, development, and deployment including it being used by our customers. In your first project, you will assist the development of the SCADA software (Supervision, Control And Data Acquisition) for the control room of a solar power plant having about 2000 solar trackers. From your software, which could be web based or a stand alone application it will be possible to: Visualise plant and individual solar-tracker behaviour Remote monitoring and control each solar tracker Setting of parameters Display solar-tracker data Alarm monitoring Data acquisition Remote firmware updates Your qualifications A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar. Experience (from university or a previous job or hobby) writing back-end code and Graphical User Interfaces. Experience (from university or a previous job or hobby) working with Linux, Python, PyQt,  JSON, JavaScript, NodeJs, Electron, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Experience (or willing to learn independently) with Data communication protocols, e.g. TCP-IP, Ethernet, Modbus, Zigbee. Good communication skills (written and verbal) in English. Salary Depending on your current status we can support your application to receive a salary support via several programs or social securities plans (for example: Erasmus Plus, Erasmus Placement, EF, Vitas a-kasse). You are welcome to make this project your Master thesis as well.