• Copenhagen, Denmark
Yepti Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
What we at Yepti immensely care about is finding our two new interns But! What we don’t care about is: What education you have. What grades you got. What diplomas you have. What language you speak (I mean if you can read this things are not bad)   What does matter: You have to be brave (and not the bungy jump way) You want to be challenged on a professional, but also on a personal level. You can look yourself in the eyes and honestly say you are able to give and receive critique well. You are intelligent      You will get:  Opportunity to make an impact  Cool office in the middle of Meat Packing District (Kødbyen) Professional sparring. Flexible working schedule. Great chances of employment afterwards if things go well. (Which of course they will because you're fab and we are too) Free subscription of Head Space Minor compensation.   Your tasks we decide together, but what we need right now is people who can undertake projects within: Marketing, Branding, Design and Content (we don’t expect you to excel in all of them) If this sounds interesting please link to some kind of online profile - make a short video where you talk about yourself or write a brief cover letter. You decide the format.  If you have any questions feel free to write to