Work Ahead

  • Helsinki, Finland
Work Ahead Helsinki, Finland
Oct 28, 2018
We’re at Work Ahead because we are: Big dreamers. We are inspired how our work can change this world better, for everyone. Problem-solvers. There's a problem in the world that needs be solved. Members of the human family. We believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and we want to create a world where we act towards one another in a spirit of sister/brotherhood.   How we like to work: Passion. We care profoundly about the work we do. We inspire others around us. We help each other to be great. No task is too small for any of us, if it needs to be done. We focus on results. It’s not about effort, but about getting amazing results. We constantly look for ways to do something better. Become a better version of ourselves every day. It’s not just about doing work that aligns with our values. We seek to learn new every day. Making decisions that are the best for our mission. We believe in people’s judgment. We make judgment calls best for the whole company, not for ourselves.  We build each other up. We’re lavish in giving positive feedback. We love helping each other to become better, and seek open and honest feedback. We are curious, constantly looking to learn more, challenging assumptions, asking relevant questions in a constructive manner. We’re happy to improve our work and processes. The only constant is change. Seek honesty and integrity. That’s where we don’t cut corners. Aim high. We want to build something big, meaningful that has the potential to change current economic structures around poverty and exploitation. We build for the long term vision, even at the expense of short term gains.