• Helsinki, Finland
Lumoa Helsinki, Finland
Oct 28, 2018
We are looking for a Backend Developer to join us! We want someone who takes pride in his/her work and wants to make sure that things are clean, maintainable, and reliable. You also understand that sometimes we must make technological compromises to make a perfect product for our users.   WHAT THE POSITION OFFERS: + Try and decide which technologies to use + Participate in release and sprint planning + Build scalable, highly available and self healing systems + Possibility to participate in Product Management and Development (not just technology)   TECHNOLOGY-WISE WE CAN OFFER*: + Legacy-Free Codebase + Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream, Grails, Node.js + MongoDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ (more to come soon) + Microservices, Kubernetes and Docker based system architecture   *) We will also provide you a possibility to do a ‘code review’ for our codebase and detailed description of our system architecture before signing the contract - we want you to be sure you know what you will be working with. Don’t worry if there’s something that does not sound familiar – interest to learn new things is a core value of our company. If you want to hear more, drop us an email - or even better - let’s meet and have a beer and a pizza (We prefer Putte’s or Pjazza, but just as we like bad jokes, SkyExpress is always an option). If you have any questions, please contact Carlos via carlos(at) or +358 40 162 5139.