Mimer IVS

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Mimer IVS Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 12, 2018
About the job: Mimer is looking for a talented partner relationships intern to help us grow our B2B- and partnership-side of the business. With a high level of independence and flexibility in the role, this person is going to define our B2B strategy and execute on ideas and strategies set by the management team. You will help us work with every aspect of our B2B efforts and help us define different partnership strategies for B2C What we are looking for A student with a flexible time schedule who can work part-time A student engaged in the startup world and who would love to join our journey A student with insights and a genuine interest in business  A strongly independent profile with a determined mindset What you will do: Head our partnerships relationships and partnership approaches Help to formulate our entire partnerships strategy and our expansion in B2B Optimize and capitalize on our B2B side Work with expanding our strategic partnerships on B2C Interested? Apply through the Hub and swing by our office for a cup of coffee!