Curious AI

  • Helsinki, Finland
Curious AI Helsinki, Finland
Oct 28, 2018
We are looking for software developers who are excited about AI and experienced in full-stack development, machine learning devops, or data engineering. Teams are free to choose the best technologies for the job. Our vision is to build flexible and adaptive architecture from composable and lightweight parts. For example, we may use Pytorch for deep learning, build data pipelines using Dask and AWS Lambdas and frontend with Redux. We are able to change any part in a breeze when new viable technology emerges. Our software is built on top of robust libraries and infrastructure written in Python 3. We want you to grow towards understanding AI and machine learning. This position includes a dedicated AI kickstart training period tailored for you, plus unique on-the-job growth possibilities. Want to know more? Or this already floats your boat, apply via the Hub today!