CEYA eSports

  • Helsinki, Finland
CEYA eSports Helsinki, Finland
Oct 28, 2018
A Successful Candidate is:   -Full of Ideas - We want you to think outside the box, think of fresh ideas on how we can better ourselves and increase our popularity and reach within the community -Organised - We want you to be organised and be efficient when replying and working with the community and our fans   Requirements/Qualifications:   -Excellent written communication skills in English -Familiarity with all of our current eSports games -Experience as a social media manager is a must -Must be a big fan of eSports in general   Job Description/Responsibilities:   -Maintain and manage our social media account(s) to a professional standard (Mainly our Twitter and Discord) -Work with our Founders and Management to fulfil any requests that are made via social media -Keep up to date with our eSports teams and actively post their progress and achievements