• Espoo, Finland
Zervant Espoo, Finland
Oct 28, 2018
WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING This role is for a motivated, energetic, and communicative individual. You will be working in an agile development environment. You must be prepared to pro­actively develop your skills in a highly dynamic and rewarding environment.  You will keep our environments running and healthy, both now and in the future. You also need to be keen to develop Zervant’s server environments and automate all routine work, whilst collaborating actively with all the development team. Our teams take on whole projects, and work on them all the way from start to finish. So you can expect to take on whatever is needed to get the job done. Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely.  WHAT WE EXPECT  The ideal candidate will know AWS, Linux and CI/CD, and will also be eager to learn about Infra as Code, Container Technology and Terraform. Given that you’ll have a diverse, hands on role, you’ll need a broad skillset to match. Added to solid operations skills you’ll need good knowledge of some (though of course not all) of the following: MacOS, Java, Node.js, Network and Databases.  We value cultural fit just as much as a technical one. Think of our modus operandi as ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’. We want someone who enjoys working and sharing knowledge with others, someone who is flexible and accommodating. Our company is based on transparency, bravery and respect. We like to think of ourselves as ambitious, open minded, fun loving individuals. If that sounds like you then great, you’ll fit right in!  Our working language is English, so you’ll need to be fluent in written and spoken form. We’re after someone with a genuine passion and interest in cloud and automation. Someone with a curious mindset and a willingness to dig deep and identify the root cause of problems.  WHY WORK FOR ZERVANT?  Zervant is a flat organisation, with minimal bureaucracy. We believe that people perform best when given responsibility, rewarding work and the authority to try out new ideas. We share our learnings, mistakes and achievements openly. You’ll gain insight into the operations of an entire company and not just your cubicle (in fact, there are no cubicles in our office, we prefer open working spaces).  All work and no play doesn’t do any good on the long run. We pay close attention to the social side of things and strive to create a relaxed and fun environment. Somewhere you look forward to going when you get up every morning, where you have great colleagues and interesting work to keep you going. Find out more about who we are and what we stand for here.   Sound tempting? Then take the bull by the horns and grab this opportunity to join our awesome team. Send your application by 28.10.2018. Please note, that we will start the interviews right away.   Apply via the Hub today!